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Do you like broccoli?


Language FocusOther songs about: yes/nofood

"Do you like...?" "Yes, I do." "No, I don't." "Yucky!" Foods (broccoli, ice cream, donuts, juice, popcorn, pizza, bananas, soup).

Do You Like Broccoli Ice Cream? Lyrics and Actions

Key Gestures
Yes, I do - Thumbs up and nod your head "yes."
No, I don't - Thumbs down and shake your head "no."
♫ Do you like broccoli?
Yes, I do! [Yes gesture.]
Do you like ice cream? [Pretend to lick an ice cream cone.]
Yes, I do! [Yes gesture.]
Do you like broccoli ice cream? [Make a "yucky" face.]
No, I don't. Yucky! [No gesture.]
Do you like donuts? [Pretend to hold and eat a donut.]
Yes, I do!
Do you like juice? [Pretend to drink juice.]
Yes, I do!
Do you like donut juice? 
No, I don't. Yucky!
Do you like popcorn? [Pretend to eat popcorn one by one.]
Yes, I do!
Do you like pizza? [Pretend to hold a piece of pizza and eat it.]
Yes, I do!
Do you like popcorn pizza? 
No, I don't. Yucky!
Do you like bananas? [Pretend to peel and eat a banana.]
Yes, I do!
Do you like soup? [Pretend to eat soup from a bowl with a spoon.]
Yes, I do!
Do you like banana soup? 
No, I don't. Yucky! ♫

Classroom Benefits

"Do you like _______?" is a common phrase taught to young ESL/EFL learners. It has the benefit of being both a simple phrase to learn, and a phrase that is meaningful and useful to young learners who naturally enjoy talking about likes and dislikes.
One challenge in teaching the phrase "Do you like _______?" is that most young learners have many more likes than dislikes, and sometimes it can be difficult to practice negative responses. We've found a fun way to practice negative responses to "Do you like _______?" questions is to make nonsense combinations of food that children will find both funny and a little gross. Children will naturally respond, "NO!!!!" when asked if they like broccoli ice cream! "Do You Like Broccoli Ice Cream?" is simple enough for children to learn right away, and silly enough for them to want to sing over and over.

Activity Ideas

Print out the picture cards and yes/no paddles to use as learning aids. Children really enjoy holding the yes/no paddles and they help the more tactile and visual learners follow the song more easily.1
Use with a funny food storytime book like "Yummy/Yucky" by Leslie Patricelli.2
Combine the song with another food related activity like having a pretend picnic or doing a restaurant role play.3
After students have learned this song, make up your own funny food combinations using the "Classroom Version."

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