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Día mundial de las marionetas a fecha de 21 de Marzo,  hemos realizado con materiales reciclados unas marionetas en nuestra clase de This is Broadway para más tarde hacer pequeñas obras de teatro con dichas marionetas, improvisando las historias.





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miércoles, 28 de febrero de 2018

Tangerine density with water

Tangerine density with water 

Does an orange(tangerine ) float or sink when placed in water? Seems like a fairly straight forward question, but is it? Give this fun density science experiment for kids a try and answer the question while learning a unique characteristic of oranges. What you’ll need: An orange or tangerine A container Water How to do it? Fill the container with water. Put the orange in the container filled with water and observe closely.You will find that orange float on the surface of water. Now do the same thing with peeled orange. See what happens this time? To our utter surprise, it sinks despite having less weight than the other. Observe it for a while. Why it is so? The rind of an orange, the cover has lot of tiny air pockets. You can easily see them. These air pockets, though increase some weight but also decrease effective density. And we all know things with less density float. Removing the rind resulted in removal of air pockets. You can imagine rind as the life jacket of an orange. Like the rind of an orange, life jackets have air pockets which do not let us to sink. Same is the case with orange, its life jacket, the rind do not let it to sink.

Hecho en clase. made in class

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We paint the piece of paper with markets and later we add water, the result is this: 

When the paper is wet we cannot colour it again